Janet 2010 are you ready?

Janet JacksonJanet 2010 are you ready?


There is so much hidden talent out there with new ideas from words of wisdom, redemption and progression to sounds of synthesizers and other wonderful effects.  Janet 2010 album is very promising because it is not written in stone before its inception, but in the embryo stage full of experimentation. 


Janet Jackson has something to prove, but she is not alone by any means, she has the support of people who have catalogs long enough to conquer the charts for years to come.  She has the support of not just Jimmy Jam but software music programmers, sound designers words of expression to be tailored to her story by ways that are totally unorthodox to Hollywood as we know it today.


There are screenplays written with her in mind, stories being told to touch the world and music of beauty, clarity and totally unheard of in the contemporary world.  Janet Jackson the trend starter has the support of organizations with influence around the world, who want the truth to be heard and handed her a license to speak on the rooftops. 


Janet Jackson is about to take on a fearless endeavor of absolute artistic expression in an album, upbeat, meaningful, powerful, sincere and trustful at the risk of the alienation of the old fans for fans that are true to themselves and her.  She will deal with contemporary issues unlike ever before by an R&B artist, she will conquer the charts.


This album will not be bubble gum music but a well written, performed and produced masterpiece.  Are you ready? 





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