Propellerhead Record is a Hit?

Propellerhead Record is a Hit?


Check out the promotional video, it looks like fun and Record Rewire’s with Reason 4.0.1.  It requires an ignition key a dongle key or protection key as does programs like Cubase, which I think is a down side to these programs.   Hopefully Propellerhead will come to their senses and upgrade out of the ignition key.


The major downside to Record is that it does not use VSTi or VST effects.  So for a user of Reason only it is great and there are people who use Reason only for their music creations, in which case Record would complete the package and add audio tracks to the package and Record and Reason would in fact be a complete package.  I do not know but the limitations to exclude VST is a major downfall and might make me hesitant to purchasing Record.  In any case check out the video it is fun, maybe if they made one with P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Prince or Alicia Keys or somebody I might be persuaded.


In any case Propellerhead set a new precedent in making music software more commercial and the ad is great.  I think if it used VST and the commercial went television the idea would sweep the market.  I am looking forward to more music software commercials.  As when I was a kid there was a band on every block that has been replaced by home recording studios.  I think in the computer age it is a good thing and an opportunity for main stream artist to cash in as they introduce new material.  As music in the new millennium will become a mainstream avenue to middle class-hood.   It’s better than slinging biscuits. 

After further investigation I am sold, well maybe, Record actually automatically integrates with Reason instead of Rewire as in third party apps and it is a slave to a host application.  Meaning Record is simply an addition to Reason, still I have a problem with the ignition key, minus the ignition key I would say this is a beautiful idea.  This is actually exciting.  But honestly I do not know!


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