Jermaine Dupri Lease on Life is Up

Jermaine DupriJermaine Dupri Lease on Life is Up


It seems a lot of people are getting off of a sinking ship.  Rapper Producer Jermaine Dupri is being abandoned by his close circle.  Adam “Pacman” Jones one of Jermaine’s hangout buddies is about to testify about a shooting case, he will take the stand February 2010 and Jermaine Dupri will also be a witness, because the video stopped and what happened that night, has to be figured out.  For some reason bullets follow Jermaine but he never seems to get a scratch, like in the P. Diddy Atlanta shooting.  Makes you wonder doesn’t it?


Jermaine tried to buy his way through life but only held a lease.  People from Janet Jackson and Bow Wow are counting their losses and moving on, to include his singing group Jagged Edge dumped him, not to mention Def Jam.  His life style is catching up to him, being a man with the mind of a boy among men.  I even heard something about Usher skipping a photo shoot and not being on the mixed tape of Ocean’s 7 a Dupri creation with a dream of moving in on Las Vegas.  You have to wonder is Jermaine’s time up.


And then, anyone who has any sense knows the song “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey was meant for Janet Jackson and it was a disrespectful song co-produced by Jermaine Dupri but Janet did not perform the song as she has like several people in that camp moved on.  By the way Mariah might get sued for slanderous and libel statements.   But it will be hard to prove in court, but her verdict might be a war of words.  With Whitney Houston hot as can be, Mariah might get overshadowed as she tried to bump heads with Whitney who worked with Alicia Keys and her boy toy that Swiss Beatz fella.  That is another story of a person messing with a married person, which makes you wonder why Jermaine Dupri is having such bad luck?  Like who is or was his girlfriend?  The saga continues!  Who knows Mariah might just get blackballed for her disrespect of the Gambino Family.  Only time will tell!





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