Propellerhead Record the Pros at $249.99

Record Mixer SliderPropellerhead Record the Pros at $249.99


I am actually excited about the release of Record, it automatically configures with Reason 4.0.1, they become one program that can ReWire into third party programs, so you can use Cubase 4.5.2 as a host and Record/w Reason tied to it as a slave.  While you will be running three programs you will be running two programs.  The reason I need Cubase is for my VST effects in Antares vocal tools collections for added vocal effects, and for using VSTi and in this configuration all of this is possible, and then again I could use Record and Reason alone, but Cubase is my foundation.  I have to think about it further, I mean Record will time stretch your vocals meaning you can sing a slow song and give it feel and covert it to a dance song by a changing the tempo this is unheard of and all in the same  key or pitch.


The Propellerhead Record Slideshow hyperlink


But the comparison is Cubase and VST/VSTi verse Record and Reason or all of them together.  I think I will get it, for the massive mixing board and additional effects usable hopefully in Reason.  I was offered to be a Bata user, but I do not want anything they will take back, I just assume wait and talk to my Guitar Center Dealers on the subject and wait and watch and see if it does everything I promises.


I would have to run a USB hub and hope that certain keys need not a direct connect, like my audio interface needs its own USB, but the rest of the stuff connected to the back probably can be connected together to one us  USB hub.  This why I do like all of these protection keys and they can break, you have to very careful with them.  


Regardless Record offers a lot for so little it goes for the SRP of $299.99 and guitar center is marketing it for $249.99.  If nothing else it should make mastering vocals easier.

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