Michael’s Murder – Let us Focus on Burial & Birthday

MJJ rehearsalMichael’s Murder – Let us Focus on Burial & Birthday


I do not think I will touch this one yet, I hate for this to overshadow his birthday and his being placed in his final resting place.  We knew this was the case weeks ago, I still think it was a conspiracy because other people had to know that was in his camp.  Like the hiring of the Doctor in the first place, we have to honestly ask his management what was the known motive.


Michael Jackson was killed and now it is official but let me thinks for a few days about Michael Jackson the King of Pop.  Michael Joseph Jackson was born on 29 August 1958 and would have made 51 years of age on Saturday 2009.  Though it is not an official holiday which is unfortunate, we can still demand that his birthday be recognized by the music industry everywhere.


I asked a manager at Guitar Center will there be a sale on Michael’s birthday and he said that is a good idea.  I think the music industry should start an annual Michael Jackson Day sale this year and any and everything thing that is connected to music should be reduced in price, for the DAW to the CD to the stereo.  I think J&R Computer World, Guitar Center, Sam Ash, and brands like Native Instruments, Steinberg, Cakewalk, especially Sony, the record companies big and independent should reduce prices on Michael birthday.  I know it sounds commercial, but he was an ever going saga, an Icon and he got attention sometimes that he did not want and now it is appropriate.  The last Saturday of August should be the day to shop and since Michael was so caring about children school supplies should go on sale.  AND THIS SHOULD BE EVERY YEAR!


After a fun day of shopping for those who enjoy partying, the air should be filled with the sounds of MJJ.  Lookalikes should come out in crowds.  The radio should be MJJ day all day and then when all the dust settles and people rest up Sunday, these killers should be dealt with by the Law.  And one fall guy is not enough; we want them all to be brought to justice.



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