The Kennedy Family to Steal Michael Jackson’s Day

MJJThe Kennedy Family to Steal Michael Jackson’s Day

 Ted Kennedy

Michael Jackson’s burial is Saturday which is his birthday, now Ted Kennedy Funeral and burial is Saturday.  This is very Liberal of the Kennedy Family?  Do we have to choose between the two now?  I guess the Negro had his day?  I guess it is something to think about!


There is so much going on now, the Healthcare Reform Bill in question, and as a result people actually forgot we are at war in the Middle East.  It is like the White House has tunnel vision, now Ted Kennedy dies and of all days to choose to have has funeral and burial the Kennedy Family picked the day Michael Jackson will be put to rest, which is also Michael Jackson’s birthday. I do not know maybe it is an honor to Michael Jackson as the flags will fly at half staff on Michael Jackson’s birthday?


What affect will all this have on America, will Ted’s death bring forth a Democratic rally to pass the bill.  Will health issues gain more attention; I mean Kennedy died of Cancer, Jackson from negligence to his addiction as a result of a sleeping disorder.  Can we multitask as Americans and pay due respect to both on one day?  Can healthcare reform develop into bills such as the food credit bill for the middle class and healthy food choices for the poor?  Think about it!


We want to spent a trillion dollars to treat preventable diseases, why not nip it in the bud and give the middle class a food credit card, whereby if they put in $100 towards the program they get a card worth $135 or 35% interest on their money for committing a certain amount of their budget towards food approved as healthy.  Why not give people on food stamps 50% more stamps toward healthy food choices and create a government agency to determine what is healthy according to this program that is a program of choice, based on the groceries purchased.  I just had to add that.


I think the day is big enough for the two of them.  Two very influential men in their or rites will be missed by many and mourned by more is how my nephew Dahoud would tell it.  I went all over the place right?  Then they can multitask also!





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