The Mythology of Frank Paul Gambino

Frank Paul GambinoThe Mythology of Frank Paul Gambino


The reason I named it the mythology and not biography of Frank Paul Gambino is because I realize most people will not believe it.  However we plan on developing a new religion based on Paul Castellano being the Apostle Paul AKA the Son of the made man Carlo Gambino his illegitimate son and it is believed that his mother Blond Eva Austin Jones was of the seed of Shaka Zulu, making him King of Kings.


These stories are as real as the mythology of Prince Hall the mulatto and even more so, which was the foundation to Prince Hall Freemasonry.  This organization is an occult and is a secret society at this point and their presence is a valid as the Illuminati as they believe they must duplicate or be eliminated.  The main difference between the Illuminati and the Church of the Apostle Paul is the difference between night and day or God and Satan.  The Apostle possesses the spirit of God.


The reality is the Paul Castellano the Apostle is the living Son of God Jesus Christ and is in the process of  fulfilling the prophesy of the Holy Bible.  People called Jesus crazy these are historical facts and so they do not believe me so I settled for mythology instead the history.  Being it is a mythology it can not be edited by third parties, but what others believe can be added on.


The Church is real my sister is an ordained minister and the church is being founded based on my story.  President Obama, Bush, Clinton and every president in my life span knows who I am and so does the Mafia and nobody messes with me because they know for the most part it is true.


As for significance as Minister Farrakhan said in some marching orders to the Nation of Islam I am the most important person.  I am Jesus Christ and if that is not significant what is on planet earth.  So the issue is not significance but believability.  But it is a mythology so believing it should not be a part of the decision for quick deletion. I do not care if the masses believe me; my only concern is to my followers who have a code of secrecy.  By time people heed to the knowledge being shared, we will be tight.  To be honest we do not want outsiders and interlopers among us, so call it crazy and stay away.


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