Michael Jackson’s Homicide from Propofol Questioned

MJJ and JDJJMichael Jackson’s Homicide from Propofol Questioned


Doctors are saying that 25 mg or even 50 mg of Propofol could not have been lethal in fact 50 mg of Propofol would probably induce a person to sleep for about 10 minutes.  But the question is how it was administered and how many times in one night can you give a person 25 mg to 50 mg of Propofol.  It is obvious if the doctor was monitoring Michael all night, Michael was receiving these dosages continuously. 


Personally I do not understand why Michael did not use something like hashish if they had to break the low, enough of that will knockout an elephant and I never heard about someone overdosing from it and dying as a result.  Then there are other safe and legal medications that will knockout a person.  I personally know what it is like to not be able to sleep I stayed up for 90 consecutive days back in 2001 and until this day I take effective medications that put me to sleep and I wakeup like clock work everyday.


Michael is yet to be buried; I heard it was postponed until Wednesday he was supposed to be laid to rest Saturday which would have been his 51st birthday.  Some people still do not buy the whole thing about Michael as people still believe John Gotti is still alive, I mean the federal Prison system has excellent dental facilities and to think John Gotti got cancer due to negligence in not treating his infected dental implant and no lawsuits followed is unbelievable.  As in Michael’s case we have yet to hear about a lawsuit, I mean I am certain Dr. Conrad Murray had insurance and AEG has to want to recoup and the family of Michael experienced a devastating loss.  Whereby it will take a judgment beyond a reasonable doubt to convict Dr. Murray in criminal court, it will only take a preponderance of evidence in a civil lawsuit.  And being both Michael and John’s family failed to pursue a civil lawsuit you have to wonder why.    


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