Janet’s Morse code Broken says F U or Me?

Janet’s Morse code Broken says F U or Me?

Listen to the ending closely!

Morse code table:

alt text

 F U in Morse code in lets wait awhile?  = ..-. ..- -.-. -.-   ..-

F me in Morse code in lets wait awhile? = ..-. ..- -.-. -.-   — .


People like Gossip, the status quo and not challenge


People complain about writing trivial matters, but gossip attracts people’s attention.  They prove it today by making a poor quality video of a person getting out of an ambulance and saying it was Michael Jackson it got about 1,000,000 watches in a matter of hours.  The rumor about Janet being pregnant got about 2,000,000 hits and people wonder why people write about trivial matters and sad but true gossip sells.


Lately I have been engaged with serious work, that I know most people are not interested in, but it is important.  We have been organizing on the music front and are in the process of developing a brotherhood that will have national reach hopefully.  It is amazing how such a small party of people can have such major influence and that lack of awareness of this by so many people of the masses.  Here is a little taste of what is going down.


The Code of Conduct for the Church of the Apostle Paul Society

The Purpose: 

1: Behavior:

2: Diet:

3: Sexuality:

4: Morals:

5: Work:

6: Charity:

7: Identifying a Sibling of God:

8: The Order of Operations: 

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