The PTS Movement & Durty Ground under one Umbrella

The G UmbrellaThe PTS Movement & Durty Ground under one Umbrella


First of all, I give my condolences to the Jackson Family.  Michael Jackson will be missed by many.  He was an excellent entertainer.  However I do not know what Bible they read and I will leave it at that.  There was a subliminal statement made at his burial and I am not feeling it.


The network is opening wide as members of the PTS Movement are returning home and the Durty ground is about to return to the studio in a collaboration.  I am personally working with members of the PTS Movement, which is undergoing a name change, to better represent who they are and what they are about now.


The Movement is in the process of incorporating non profit, in an attempt to help reform other returning convicted felons, to end the revolving door through a form of spiritual street savvy rap.   Both teams are street wise, one lead by the experiences of long term prison incarceration and the other the Durty Ground led by the teaches of the Freemasonic principles of learning from the mistakes of others.  Both crews are well taught in their own ways and in common they have the ambition, plan of action and skills as they are determined to work as a team and make their message be heard.


The message and the preservation of life are on the top of the agenda and where there is goodwill, the profit on monetary gain is very foreseeable.  However this is not a movement about monetary profit alone, as we all know we have to eat to live and have a roof over are heads, but this is a down to earth congregation.  It is an introduction to the rap world as a new way of life in truly keeping it real as told by those who can both “tell you what not to do because they been through it” and “what to do because they did it.”  The unification of the PTS Movement and the Durty Ground under the Umbrella of the FPG is too real.  All I can say at this time is they are coming out in a hard way soon. 







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  1. I honestly and true;y do think that eventually 1 day whether its in a few weeks months years well 1 day eventually his fans WILL DEFINATELY B ALLOWED 2 VISIT HIS RESTING PLACE.But his family probably want privacy first altho i have read that Jermaine wants 2 c it moved 2 neverland and his dad wants neverland turned in2 a graceland 4 fans which i wouldnt b at all surprised about neither of them.BUT U WATCH HIS FANS WILL GET 2 VISIT HIS RESTING PLACE

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