Janet Jackson Still Rocks

Janet and Michael JacksonJanet Jackson Still Rocks


The loss of Michael Jackson was a tragic ending and unexpected.  Still it is not clear what happened to the man and to the best of my knowledge no arrests have been made yet.  I am still baffled but I am sure Janet knows more than I do on the subject.  But the breakup with Jermaine Dupri come on get real I mean this has to be great news to her.  I mean all he did was damage her career and image.  However change is hard on everyone and if you get use to someone and lose that the emptiness has to be filled.


Janet has responded as dignified and diligently as anyone possibly can, I mean she has taken control over her career unlike any period in her career in the past (Black Doll).  I mean what more can you ask of someone, she filmed a movie and is working on an album with the old successful and proven team of Jam and Lewis and is in the process of writing a book.  2010 seems to be a very busy year to come for Janet Jackson.


Meanwhile I hear all this poor Janet talk and Jermaine Dupri prowess.  But Jermaine is focused on the now while Janet is building a new future.  With Jermaine it is the same old thing to find someone to exploit on Living the Life, turning his life into an ongoing drama, while Janet is doing things of substance and she will shine after 2009.


Finally there is word that Janet got a hold to some copyrighted material by Michael Jackson and Jam and Lewis is producing a duet with Janet and Michael for the upcoming album.  Then there is the Pleasure Principle clothing line, which has been underexposed.  There are the new songwriters being considered and Alicia Keys possibilities as songwriter, the sound designers, the new technologies and the possibilities of bonus SACD tracks.  I just cannot understand how Janet became the sleeper, but we have to wakeup at some point why not now?  Janet still Rocks!

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  1. looking forward to the new album, janet

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