Black Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison

PTS Prison to the StreetsBlack Women’s Job a Black Man’s Prison


There is a correlation between women’s rights and single parenthood. 


In 2005 about 70% of black children’s births have happened with unmarried couples.  Now let’s go back to some weird statistics.  In 1965 to 1969, 66% of black women between 15 and 44 got married compared to about 40% in 1980-84 as children born by single parents doubled in the same period.  And as you can see now single parents are enormously high.  I mean between 1950 and 2000 the number of black women to never marry doubled.  Over 43 percent of black women never married not to mention the divorce rates.  Have the black woman become too good for the black man or what is up, let us take a look.


Now check this out:


Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 1994: 624,000

Number of living black Americans who held a graduate or professional degree in 2004: 1,100,000 (U.S. Bureau of the Census)


More Facts


An evolutionary account on the status of blacks in America and higher education and the correlation gender gap among blacks:

Black women now are earning college degrees at twice the rate of black men?

Black women earning bachelor’s degrees has increased by about 55 percent since the mid-1970s, compared with an increase of about 20 percent among black men. The differences are even more intense in the areas of law or medicine: Among black women, the number of degree earners has soared 219 percent. But for black men, it has increased only 5 percent.


It seems the more educated American women become the more rights they have and the less significant the black man becomes.


Check this out in the state of Illinois, the state where President Obama was Senator about 11,000 black men are in college and about 24,000 are in prison.  Meaning more black men are in prison than in college as the black women is subsidized through college the black is a slave in prison


From a song I wrote called symbolic castration


Got a little hustle, it pays for rent and food

Your lady goes to college, when she finish you are through

Don’t have GED, you got a prison CIE

Can’t find a job, Got a Prison CIE

(CIE = Correctional Institution Education)



If women were more educated around the world, more men would get incarcerated, America speaks for itself.   A sad but true reality that is a fault of the system and not black people is that? 


[A woman’s job can mean a black man’s prison].





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  1. It’s called mysandry.

  2. As i started college, exuberant about our future~me and my husbands~ well as the story goes he is now in jail and i graduate n june of 2010. HE HAS BEEN OFFERED 14 YEAR FOR A FIRST OFFENSE

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