Janet’s Pleasure Principle Clothing Line alive

Janet Jackson and Bruno SchiaviJanet’s Pleasure Principle Clothing Line alive


A clothing line launched in 2008 a collection of clothing by Bruno Schiavi and Janet Jackson, the clothing line has grown beyond just lingerie in the US in 2009.  My understanding is the main two places this line is available in is the United Kingdom and the United States.  The line is not in trouble with a marking blitz in the works to get the products on shelves near you.  Pleasure Principle clothing line is promising as Janet seems to be having a big year in 2010, her resurgence of celebrity status of good standing should also push the clothing line. I anticipate it will be a huge success.


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  1. How can we view or purchase these clothing items?

  2. how can i buy some of the clothing im living in houston, tx and i8ve been waitin to purchase some things?

  3. hello.ilove you .in iran

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