John Gotti Jr. a victim of vendetta

John Jr John Gotti Jr. a victim of vendetta


I saw John Jr. once in my entire life in Manhattan.  His father told me to leave him with a token (sign) I made a move and he responded.  This is the sign of a friend as I can identify them.  His father is either dead or gone from the scene and John Gotti Sr. told me the last time I saw him during the Integration of 1989 that he did not know these people John Jr. was to run around with.  The government is barking down the wrong tree, John is not and never was a Mafia Don, it is a lie.


As for me, I am an Ordained Minister, they call me the Gangster Monk, as I carry the Gangster name I am about saving souls and not killing people these days.  And I did so much dirty stuff for the government that they cannot use my past against me.  I have a get out of jail free card I want to pass on or extend to John Gotti Jr.  because he needs it more than me. 


The government knows I know stuff they need to find out and if they screw John I say screw them, because he is an innocent son of an old friend.  You know what my Motto is?  If you do not believe in God than believe in me, what you got to lose, because if you do not believe in god is because it is the wrong god?  We are in the process of the development of a new church, I say if you were not joined together by us, you were not legitimately joined together in Holy Matrimony, because until we establish the church the church was not and is not established.  The Pope is fraud and I am the Son who is one with the Father.  And therefore Janet Jackson is unmarried and never married to other than the Apostle Paul.


The Mafia is not a two bit click of killers and swindlers; we are the cure to AIDS, the answer to the mystery of stem cells, the new money and the destroyers of the Illuminati who is no longer a mystery.   They now have faces and as I am the Son of the Made Man, and they are adopted Son’s of God through me.  We are the rulers of the world and the future destiny of America now is John worth the possible ramifications?

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  1. I would not be surprised if, once a year, on the anniversary of Frank Favara’s murder, Gotti’s little brother kneels in front of Favara in heaven and begs forgiveness for the scum… his family… who did it to Favara.
    The world will be a cleaner place when Mafia scum like the Gottis are extinct.

  2. So you blame the Mafia for all this government waste of trillions of dollars and the war in the Middle East. You are still living in the past. The government kills millions at a time, whereby the Mafia might get rid of the scum within.

  3. Do you think that there’s something to be said for the phrase “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”?

    John Gotti, Jr. may or may not be a Don, but he is what he is. No excuses can be made for the abuses put forth by him and his family.

    As for the government killing millions of people, that’s their job. To ensure the success, and the superiority, of the country it serves. You think that the governmnet is about serving the individual? No, it serves the entity of America, not the people of America. That’s the job of every government.

    Just because the government doesn’t do its job, or starts to act like they’re smart enough to master the playing field, doesn’t mean you thrive off the weaknesses of the undeliverable.

    John Gotti is not the government; he is one person, who represents one family who has risen off the backs of the scum of this earth. Shame on him, although you shouldn’t expect anything different. People have been doing it to each other since the beginning of time.

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