Janet Jackson Gets Over Jermaine Dupri

Janet Jackson BET Awards ShowJanet Jackson Gets Over Jermaine Dupri


If you haven’t heard, Janet Jackson made it public she moved on and is no longer dating Jermaine Dupri who was an undeserving dude to start with.  Janet is a great catch and any man who does not respect that shouldn’t be in her company.  Personally I think Janet’s problem is she has not gotten with or back with me however you interpret it.  I think we are a match made in heaven, but that is another story.  I rarely talk about me when promoting Janet, because I really do not want the unavoidable which is to be made into a public drama.  But the difference between me and the dudes of her past is I am a Made Man among Men in reality and not just by Hollywood standards and people can say what they please but they know not to screw with me, because I have friends that will not appreciate it.  Messing with me can bring unexpected company!


With me Janet will not require a bunch of bodyguards because I carry the armor of God, but I realize it is best not the shake the current status too much.  The paparazzi they take pictures of me now, I guess they are saving them for a future date, but because of my government status I am what is called a celebrity that is off the table to be touched, because the truth about me is shocking and known by a few powerful people all the way to the White House, but I will be made known soon.  The respect Janet Jackson deserves she will get on my watch because I will demand it.  So from this day one please be careful about what you say because it might comeback to you is a rude way and pinch you on the behind.


I do not want a relationship with Janet based on her career, but on my love, respect and leadership in family matters.  I do not know but we will see if she comes around because I was always there even when she was not there for herself, sort of like the Foot-Prints.  People can speak about Jermaine Dupri prowess and talk about poor Janet if they want but this is not recommended.  They say everything is permissible but not necessarily beneficial my advice is to restrain from the negative bull and be nice to her for a change, because the culprit has been removed from the picture.  The time has come to say goodbye!  Hello!


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