Kanye West Sold to the New Expectation

Kanye and Taylor SwiftKanye West Sold to the New Expectation


What Michael Jackson did with Thriller was an anomaly and it made Thriller the hit it was as Michael makes MVV what it is today.  However there will be no other Thriller album, unless something strange happens in the current music industry.


I like Kanye enjoys Beyonce performances she is a excellent performer and singer, but the problem with the VMA is that it has become an expectation, it is like every year the same people wins all the awards.


I think there should be rule to the amount of awards a person wins unwritten of course, but there are enough awards to go around, and furthermore Beyonce got hers and Taylor Swift fans are also happy and the bottom line is it will sell more records across the industry.


We seem to have turned the VMA into a NBA playoff, instead of what it is a long musical promotional that supports the industry, gives fans a chance to see their favorite artists and find out what new acts and music is out there.  It is an event of festivities to be enjoyed and not to take too seriously. 


You do not know how many times I got upset because Janet came in second or third place in the Grammy’s during the days of Whitney and the rest, but it was all in fun as Janet was just happy to be nominated.  What Kanye did was bad for business and he should be fined for his misbehavior because it should not be tolerated and can cost Taylor record sales.  And the bottom line is record sales.  Beyonce is doing just fine give others a chance.

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