Propellerhead Record/Reason Duo

RecordPropellerhead Record/Reason Duo


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At first glance I had a lot of unanswered questions about Record, I was determined to ReWire Record into Cubase and use the VST effects on my audio tracks, and however to the best of my knowledge Record does not support third party plug-ins.  But that is not all bad news, because the Record/Reason Duo is a Monster, which has become from unanswered questions to important future research. 


When Propellerhead said they designed this program with musicians in mind and not necessarily engineers, I believed them but the understanding of the devices of Reason and its wiring system configurations are a plus and for professionals perhaps a must.  Perhaps but not necessarily so, because there is so many presets that you can actually learn your own way by learning to duplicate what is preset to use and then doing your own thing.  This is me talking, but in a moment the Reason User will know as much as I know about Record.


My two concerns were could I punch in and punch out in Record as I do in Cubase.  Propellerhead went a step further, you can use a razor to make that perfect clip or you can resize which has a hidden advantage to punch in and out.  I use a Reflection Filter opposed to a sound booth; therefore a certain amount of noise is imbedded into my audio.  However I have SoundSoap Pro 2 and with the resize feature I can slightly expand the audio track with vocals a little to take advantage of the feature in SoundSoap Pro 2 called “Learn Noise,” but still have the privilege of resizing first to copy and paste my chorus for example and then pull out the razor for the perfect clip.  Personally I order the tutorial “ASK” has a monopoly on it for now, but I am sure in the future other companies will put out information about Record/Reason Duo.


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Propellerhead Record/Reason Duo



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