Kanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift

MJJ and JDJJKanye West Steals the Moment of MJJ, Janet & Taylor Swift


The show was billed for the opening act tribute to Michael Jackson.  Madonna gave a beautiful speech as she explained her relationship with Michael and the few dates they had.  And then there were videos of Michael Jackson on a huge screen and great performance by Janet as the VMA were pack with many wonderful moments. Was this Janet’s first live performance on Syndicated Television since the Super Bowl of 2004?  I mean this was a major event that went all but forgotten.


Why?  Because a 32 year old Drama Knight terrorizes a young 20 year old woman, just because he felt someone else should have won the Grammy.  I mean this is supposed to be entertainment and Hollywood at its best among the most famous and we had to watch this senseless act on constant rewind.  It is like all the money invested in the VMA went down the drain and all the media remembers was Kanye acting a fool.


Is this because these are the expectations of the media when it comes to a black man?  I mean the underlying message is black people even after success cannot behave themselves at social events.  Rewinding Kanye constantly is an insult to the black community as we speak about him but little about Beyonce sharing the moment with Taylor or what it was billed as a tribute to Michael Jackson and Janet’s courage to perform. 


This was a black man at his worst and white media at its best, depicting black people as uncivilized animals.  Let us get over it; we should not acknowledge this as a good thing of excitement, but for what it was an act of very poor judgment and he should be seriously reprimanded and not pumped up to do this again.  It was verbal assault.  He frightened the hell out of that poor girl, in an unforgettable moment of embarrassment.


I think it was calculated, a publicity stunt by Kanye and very disrespectful not only to Taylor but to Michael Jackson and the Tribute, which is going unnoticed.


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