Janet Jackson’s Releases “Make Me” over the Internet

Janet Jackson Bazaar CoverJanet Jackson’s Releases “Make Me” over the Internet



The song has an excellent beat and vocals; I just wish she would take advantage of the condition of the world today.  There so much going on in the world that needs to be discussed, it is a hit but she is playing it safe?  It could go number hit for one for a week or two, but if it was about AIDS or the current trend of racism for example it could top the charts for months, mean the beat and vocals are almost above reproach.  But people are not going to remember the lyrics.  She is saying lets party on one hand, but are saying lets settle down on the other, I guess you can do them both in moderation. But she needs a key message throughout the next project, in the tradition of keeping it real.  


As I said the song is very upbeat and exciting, but you can both make an up-tempo song and say memorable things to touch our delicate world that is literally falling apart


Note: She could add another track to the vocals minus some of the FX; it will give off the FX and at the same time be easier to understand her more clearly.  I like it like it but she was accused of not being understood clearly in the last album.  She has to make sure people can hear the vocals clearly this time.  It can be done with an extra track minus a little of the effects.


Good Luck Janet



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