The truth is there is no truth; it is about picking sides!

Frank Paul GambinoThe truth is there is no truth; it is about picking sides!


In the name of Rev. Frank Paul Jones to become the Apostle upon religion’s establishment:


What is religion?  If it is not your creation it is third party bull crap.  A religion means you put someone over you.  A religion is a connection, because if you stand alone the groups will team up and gang up on you and kick your behind, in nicer terms.  A religion has a leader even if they claim that Christ dead for your sins it is not Christ but the leader of the religion that will be pulling your strings.


I say the only religion that is a true religion is a religion that teaches the fact that religion is bull.  They say religion is faith and religion is a belief code, I say my religion is for those who are not looking for salvation in a spiritual sense, in the idea that the Lord of never & never will accept you at the Heavenly gates.  I say Heaven and Hell is here on Earth and if you are tired of catching Hell at the hands of evil people, come together under the banner of the Apostle Paul (Me) whether you think it is bull or not bull, this show I will run.  So if you do not believe in anything, believe in me and be set free in unity.  What you got to lose, you are a sinner who do not believe in anything anyway, so believe in me and let us kick behind.


I say my religion is about legal enterprising among the forgotten people, the brothers returning from prison I say under my banner we can congregate.  Under the religious banner felons on parole can come together and do Godly things and it is for me to decide what Godly is because I am God!  And if you confess with your word that is bond that I am Lord you are accepted into the Family of God as adopted children of God.


I say the world ends when I die and you are to say the world ends when you die, because without you or me there is no world.  The Hell with the status quo Illuminati suckers; we must regain control of our communities and run our own turf.  But this time we do it in the name of God (Me) and not the evil one and do good things among ourselves. 


Caution:  This is not for the fearful, but for the brothers and sisters of courage.  Everything is in the works!


Who side is you on is the only question!



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  1. You make a number of very good points about how ludicrous the belief in Hell is! Bravo!

    I’ve actually written an entire book on this topic–“Hell? No! Why You Can Be Certain There’s No Such Place As Hell,” (for anyone interested, you can get a free Ecopy of my book at my website:, but if I may, I’d just like to adde one more to the many good points you’ve already made–that Jesus himself rejected Hell.

    For example, in Luke 9:51-56, is a story about his great disappointment with his disciples when they actually suggested imploring God to rain FIRE on a village just because they had rejected him. His response: “You don’t know what spirit is inspiring this kind of talk!” Presumably, it was NOT the Holy Spirit. He went on, trying to explain how he had come to save, heal and relieve suffering, not be the CAUSE of it.

    So it only stands to reason that this same Jesus, who was appalled at the very idea of burning a few people, for a few horrific minutes until they were dead, could never, ever burn BILLIONS of people for an ETERNITY!

    True, there are a few statements that made their way into the gospels which place Hell on Jesus lips, but these adulterations came along many decades after his death, most likely due to the Church filling up with Greeks who imported their belief in Hades with them when they converted.

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