AIDS the Dreadful Disease take a Stand

AIDS Ribbon Red and BlackAIDS the Dreadful Disease take a Stand


With over 20 Billion spent on AIDS Research and an estimated $25 Billion in $2010 and over $2 Billion spent on treatment, it is obvious AIDS is a financial resource killer as well as a murderer of people.  Yes I said murderer, because I long held the conspiracy theory, since back in the 1980’s.  What gets me is that in a world whereby we can send rockets around the Universe, people have bought into the incurable theory.  Sure amfAR may not have the answer yet, but that does not count out secret orders and covert operations and the problem is that people have bought into the incurable hypothesis and therefore the government has no reason to take action as AIDS Research seems to be another day at big business at the pharmaceutical corporations, as there is so much profit made in researching the cure and never finding it.  Like the Jews of World War II, black people will go down in history as the people who walked into the gas chambers like sacrificial lambs.  And 20 years from now people will say they were fools for not fighting for their lives.


The people have to rise up against these practices and force the hands of the pharmaceutical industries.  It is my position that music reaches the soul of man and celebrities in the music industry not only have reach but have frequency meaning they can touch a lot of people often.  If the economic war or crisis is World War III AIDS is a major part of the arsenal.  Sure being without is a big deal for someone who had something before, but unemployment has always been double digits for black people, so if America is in recession the black community is in a depression, but a bigger concern is the rising prison population and the spread of AIDS in the black community, I mean like I said in the song “Symbolic Castration,” women are masturbating out of the fear of AIDS and are turning to other women.


It is sad that Hollywood still projects to the world ungodly sexual relationships and the satisfaction of lust in the motions pictures, music and promotional magazines.  From grown women with boy toys half their age to uncommitted sex on the fly and I think it is ill responsible.  I think some things should be left to private life.  Janet Jackson will be a major part of an amfAR event next week in Italy and I hope it is more than a symbolic gesture.  We need to wakeup the sleeping Tiger.  We talk about being proactive for President Obama, like if he is a boy among men, I believe he can hold his own.  Healthcare is good and all, but what good is healthcare for a disease incurable?  Let us face it AIDS is killing black people at astronomical numbers with over 25 Million dead and 33 Million infected according to 2007 estimates, we need to take a stand in our words as well as actions.


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