Janet Jackson Greatest Hits Album to be released

Janet VMA PhotoJanet Jackson Greatest Hits Album to be released


Janet Jackson’s number ones greatest hits album a 2 CD set is to be released on November 17th, 2009.  It will be released on Hip-O Records a part of Universal Group, founded by Doug Morris in 1996.  Actually I have all of Janet’s albums, which I am aware of.  The funny thing is if you ever heard her best songs successively it is a great experience.  There are supposed to be a few new songs on the two CD set.


However I doubt if everyone has all of Janet’s albums and this is a chance to get up on her best songs, in a small package.  As Hip-O Records are known for putting out stuff hard to get a hold of and often puts out limited editions, being that is their Modus operandi (Protocol).  I mean the etiquette for dealing this type of repertoire is that the demand exceeds supply. 


There are presales taking place now, but there will probably be a limited amount of CD’s available at the local record stores and via the Internet on the day of the release.  I do not know I guess the die hard Janet fans have most of her stuff and will be in it for the new releases.  But for those who really do not know what all the hype is about Janet, people who want to know what the 80’s and 90’s was all about and want to enjoy a beautiful musical variety do not blow the opportunity of getting a copy of these CD’s, I guarantee you it will become a part of your rotation.  Janet is an amazing artist and I think she has another run.


Now on the other hand I have to say I was disappointed with the decision to go digital download for sale with “Make Me.”  It was billed as a gift and should have been a free download; however it will very likely be on the new greatest hits album.  But really I thought it was a gift as in something giving away.



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