Janet Universal Music Group & Radio Airplay

Janet JacksonJanet Universal Music Group & Radio Airplay


During the Rock Witchu Tour I bought about all of Janet’s albums I did not already own and ended up with two “All for You” CD’s by accident, because I already had it.  However I think they blew a great opportunity; people like me never ever downloaded a song. Personally I buy the CD and convert it to MP-3 and keep the hard copy for storage and stereo use.  Yes I still listen to my stereo at home


If they would have made it a free download some people would have downloaded for the first time, to get the hang of it, plus it was billed a gift.  It could have been a reintroduction of Janet.  Good thing Universal Music Group is distributing it.  That leads me another question, being she is being released by Hip-O Records and A&M Records both Universal Music Group companies and was with Def Jam a Universal Music Group Company.  Which leads me to ask is Janet really independent or in-between record labels?  With all the Janet Hype, I would not be surprised if she is released again by a Universal Music Group Company in the future.


Furthermore I still have not heard the song on the radio, whereby when I am not on the home recording studio my favorite pastime is listening to the stereo and radio and messing with one of my computers sometimes at the same time.  I normally buy only my favorite artist these days unlike in my younger days when I bought all the hits, but I spend hours on the radio being at home or on my MP-3 Player on the move and I purchase consumer goods on a regular.  Commercials still influence my purchases or spending habits.


My Point:  Janet Jackson’s marketing team might be barking down the wrong tree, she needs radio airplay exposure, because that is what we do now.  We listen to the radio and buy bread and milk.  Janet’s main market is the radio and not digital downloads.  We are grown already!

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