Paul Puts Janet, Madonna & Alicia on Blast

AIDS Ribbon Red and BlackPaul Puts Janet, Madonna & Alicia on Blast


It has been a busy few months, I do not recall how many.  But I finished my third screenplay and second album.  The screenplay is “Everybody has Demons,” and the album is the soundtrack to my second screenplay “The Apostle,” named the “The Apostle the Album.”  All my work is mixed with fact and fiction; however they are very real regardless.


I have three songs I want recorded into another version and/or by selected artist.  Though I am the author and sole artist on my tracks, I have a special song that I think should be re-recorded by Janet Jackson, Madonna and Alicia Keys.  Alicia has long been a frontrunner on the eradiation of AIDS and Janet has taken on the battle and Madonna I heard was interested in working with Janet for a good cause and what cause is better.


The song is the first track on my CD called “FindCureCureAIDS.”   I think it deserves to be considered as an anthem and a sacred song to pay tribute to the world’s continued need for a commitment to battle AIDS and eradicate this dreadful disease.  It is the simplest song I wrote that is the most profound in message as it sends a signal to the heavens by man.  I do not want to say too much, but Janet has the song and I call on them to perform it.


If they choose to accept this mission, I will agree that each of us donate at least 50% of the proceeds from this song to organizations and foundations that are a part of the battle to fight against AIDS be it the frontline of treatment and housing or the rear for strategic approaches in the battle and the actual cure of AIDS.

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