The New Religion Rational

The Son was raised in the Queensbridge HousesThe New Religion Rational


There is a serious void in the black community.  I have been in discussions with a few people selling the idea of the need for a new religion open to all races and ethnicities but meant to attract black people especially black men to once again take a leading role in the black community.


As I put it my motto is “if you do not believe in anything, than believe in me what do you have to lose?”  The need is based on the theory that 13 people got together and ganged up on 1 person 5 billion times.  Meaning 5 billion people can be controlled by 13 people if the 5 billion stand alone and the 13 stand together.  The fact of the matter is there is strength in numbers, but there has to be a defined leadership.  We define the leadership as the Son of Man Paul Castellano, the Son of Carlo Gambino and a descendent of Shaka Zulu.  Boss of Bosses and King of Kings is the Son Paul Castellano.


Let us face it, a religion is about putting someone over you, it is that simple.  And nobody is over Paul Castellano in Family of God and those who accept Paul Castellano who is the Apostle as the Son become adopted Sons and daughters of God.  The Mafia calls him the Godfather and the Roman Catholic Church the Pope; we address the Son of Man as God’s mediator to mankind.


Now where are we going with this?  It is about a congregation, that brings together black men and as we know so well most black men are convicted felons in this corrupt society and many or on parole and under the banner of religion they can congregate.  It is that simple and as long as we are law abiding as we enterprise it is all good.  So why should someone join?  To be able to congregate together and thereby support each other in our enterprising endeavors, because the salvation we are looking for is to end the oppression here on earth. 


As we all know the Nation of Islam is out of touch and the Final Call is a tabloid, you can look at this as the Biblical version of the Nation of God, joined together by his Son to bring back black power, half Sicilian and half African American and boss to both.  If you understand the mythology of Prince Hall, you will understand the mythology of King Paul Castellano born of the Master and Servant of Oppression to raise the black man out of oppression with the authority earned by him through the Gambino Family and by putting himself into oppression to raise above it himself, as he was a ransom.


If you have a problem with me, than you make this claim and see where it gets you.  If you cannot make this claim, than I am Boss and it is that simple.  We teach the only true religion is the religion that preaches religion of all about connections and the theology is often fake and a front to allow unification in congregation.  We will not let the lies keep us apart, so we preach Paul Castellano is the Son of God.


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  1. Dear Frank Paul Gambino:
    Thank you for your honest statements in this article.
    I apologize in advance for my long reply, since your ideas touch on the heart of longstanding multiple issues affecting the political history of Freedmen’s Town where I live and volunteer with team. I believe your idea of forming a unified religious standard is the required first step toward a national plan for African American recovery, and that this can be done through the network started by the Millions More Movement which I credit for mobilizing the grassroots voters nationally and statewide to get Obama elected.

    Do you mind if I forward your article to leaders who are fighting to preserve this Freed Slave church district near downtown Houston? I have joined the cause of the last few community leaders left trying to preserve this nationally registered district of 10 African American churches, including brick street laid by hand by the founding ministers, and gravesites desecrated to build a Federal Reserve bank. 4 historic African American churches have been destroyed in the past 5 years, and the City has taken advantage of the historic church community which continues to forgive wrongdoing without legal recourse or accountablity for millions in debts owed for abusing tax money.

    Because of the long history of govt corruption, abuses, and oppression in this national African American historic church district, and the opportunity to demand economic reparations to be paid back into a federal account, given the local Federal Reserve Bank built on the site of former burials of working poor, I propose to focus on restoring Freedmen’s Town as the central historic district to launch a national recovery plan.

    I would like to introduce you to the Pastoral Coalition, and propose your idea of writing up a national religious standard, enforcing unifying principles in the African American community – from Christianity, Islam, Kwanzaa, and Constitutionalism — to unite the African leadership. This unity is necessary before proposing a collective reparations plan, combining microlending with issuing local historic currency against debts and damages to the communities, caused by unequal access to education and enforcement of laws and principles. The millions in debts our local historian has documented involve mostly church and state abuses of authority to enslave and exploit the poor, denying equal protections of civil rights while laundering property and violating federal laws for private profit and political campaign support at the expense of public resources and interests. The corruption I have studied in two Houston districts alone affect mostly African American residents, though immigrants in the Asian and Latino residents have also suffered from abuses and oppression by conflicting interests.

    I am Vietnamese American, and my Vietnamese landlords are trying to work with the community to transfer and preserve the last 10 historic row houses they refuse to sell to developers who have destroyed the rest of the housing in this national historic district, the last Freed Slave settlement of its kind left in the US. Somehow the Christian faith and forgiveness of the community has been abused to override all principles of equal protections of the law, so I wish to help incorporate Constitutional principles and ethics into a “new religious standard” to counteract the unchecked beliefs and biases putting commercial value above spiritual and historic values, that have justified destroying irreplaceable African history, including churches, gravesites, and other national landmarks, and the integrity of federal laws violated for money and politics.

    May I refer you to Dr. Wickers of the Pastoral Church coalition, and offer to fly you in to visit and plan meetings to write up this new religion, reinforcing church morals with state ethics based on Constitutional values, and using civics education and conflict resolution training to empower people to enforce laws directly, instead of allowing unchecked compromise and corruption.

    The reparations owed for damages to Freedmen’s Town history alone could help launch a local or federal fund for microlending against debts to taxpayers in order to manage the restorating this and other affected communities as historic museum and campus districts, as the residents originally planned and wrote into federal legislation and subgrant agreements.

    Please see residential plan for renovating public housing as a self-sufficient campus district:
    These plans were developed for public housing built on 40 acres of property seized by the govt by eminent domain, which I have proposed to return as reparations to start the community land trust in keeping with residents’ original plans censored by the government by eviction and demolition.

    The principles I would incorporate to reinforce Christian-Constitutional values, and self-government through civics education and conflict resolution training to reduce dependence on govt bureaucracy:

    Sorry again, for my long detailed response.

    I will forward your article to my friends, in recommending to set up a consortium with you and other church and mosque leaders, to follow up on your idea which I believe is well-stated and necessary. Thank you very much.

    Yours truly,

    Emily Nghiem
    Freedmen’s Town Historic District

    Freedmen’s Town Development Coalition Team
    Fourth Ward Pastoral Coalition
    Free Man’s Neighborhood Association
    Millions More Movement

  2. The void in the black community is cared for and maintained by the liberal pariahs in the government of the United States…but don’t worry, Whoopie Goldberg and Robin Williams love ya’ll…

  3. fuck u man i black and i use 2 in the queens bridge we do what we do u gotta problwm say it to our faces u pussy bitich

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