How About Prison & AIDS Research Reform

President Obama gets briefedHow About Prison & AIDS Research Reform


The United States has the highest incarceration rate of all the industrialized nations in the world.  In 2007 over 7.2 million people were in prison on probation or parole.  The United States based on the Justice Department Bureau statistics states that over 2 million people were incarcerated in 2002 and by 2005 over 2.3 million were incarcerated at an average cost of about $600 billion dollars per year.  But President Obama wants to save the world, by saving America through healthcare reform.


Let us look at these numbers, Social Security and Medicare was a pyramid scheme whereby when is started more people paid into it than took from it.  Now the exact people who paid into it are now benefiting from their investment in retirement, but now not enough people are putting into it.  But does anyone pay into an “if I go to jail plan?”  Of course not because most people incarcerated go to jail because they have to survive by means other than legitimate income or are sedating themselves with illegal drugs.  But yet we are going to save the world by changing how legal drug are administered.


Think about it over $24,000 is spent per person to incarcerate them.  If we invested these billions or at least a large proportion of the money to employing these people most of them would have no reason to engage in illegal activity especially if we legalize marijuana.  Just as healthcare must be reformed into a real self sustaining system, the legal system has to be revamped.


The Nation of God is merely a reaction to these alarming facts, but the government has to step up to the plate, as in Illinois President Obama’s home state more black men are in prison than in college.  If this money was spent on education and jobs, not just job creation which should be included however, we can drastically reduce the recidivism rate and end the prison revolving door.


Added to these shameful facts is the AIDS virus whereby over 25 million people died worldwide by this dreadful disease and 33 million were infected based on 2007 statistics.  Tens of billions of dollars are being spent on AIDS research but AIDS funding can be put in one word “dumb,” what the government does with AIDS research funding well there are over 100,000 scientist and doctors working on AIDS in the United States that is more than the annual number of AIDS patents in the US.  There are over 80,000 AIDS organization in the United States that is one for each new patent, yet we will single handedly save the world with Healthcare Reform, what a line of crap.  The bottom line is our workforce is locked up in prison and infected with AIDS.  We need a National Presidential Pardon Program to release people out of prison and put them to work, which is what we need.  Furthermore we need a better system for funding AIDS research to get real results and end the current bureaucracy.




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