How about Warfare Reform?

President Obama gets briefedHow about Warfare Reform?


The government Federal and State spent about $40 Billion on the war on drugs in 2009 already.  Arrested were about 1.5 Million people and about half of them for marijuana. And about 8,000 were incarcerated, so what is the point?  Is this a $40 Billion harassment bill?


It will cost about $145 Billion to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 and another $130 Billion in 2010, not to mention the human lives lost by both sides and the permanently injured and disabled as a result of these senseless wars.  The war was based on a lie and everyone knows it so what is there to win?


Now let us add these numbers to the wastes in AIDS research and the incarceration of Americans placed in housing projects to survive by any means, as my nephew put it stockpiled like sardines.  What are we talking about here?


You have $40 Billion spent on a war on drugs that cannot be won, because it is a war against the will of Americans choice of lifestyles.  Put directly we live in  a nation and a generation that is turned off from alcohol and choose to smoke marijuana, which we can grow domestically, tax it and turn a red into black.


You have $150 Billion spent on a Middle Eastern war that cannot be won, that we are in due to a lie by the Bush administration.  And not only is the war senseless but once we exit we will have to restock the weaponry for the DOD so the expenses do not end with the war.  We cannot win the war because there is nothing to win back because nothing was taken by them.  We have to outgrow the mentality that we have to have enemies to be a leading nation and learn to mediate.


You have $600 Billion wasted on the incarceration of poor and mostly illiterate Americans.  We do not even educate inmates anymore, so what is the product we are producing but people who will not have legitimate survival skills upon release, which was why they got incarcerated in the first place. The mission is to cause recidivism.  It a mission meant to cause failure.


And how much does the government spent on AIDS research with a defeated mentally?  The government spent about $25 Billion on AIDS/HIV related expenses?  I do not know, but 66% on treatment and 13% to Research.  Explain the war tactic?  With out any controls that create collaboration, just grants given to dreamers without relevant continuance from prior developments in the campaign to cure AIDS.  It is a mission to cause failure. 


Is it the American way to spend money on punishing and killing instead of saving lives and educating the American people to compete in the global market?    



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