Is the Survival of Earth Contingent to Mankind?

Earth_on_FireIs the Survival of Earth Contingent to Mankind?


If Hollywood could tell the story or should I say let Hollywood tell it?  We as mankind are so arrogant we seem to think that we are so smart that the world could not exist without us, whereby the exact opposite may be the fact.  Look at the condition of the world and what it has become.  Is mankind a bunch of monsters or is it just a few people manipulating us into monster-hood.  I hate to say it but I will repeat myself and say this world is evil.


Look at what we do, compete at everything as if there is not enough for us all.  Fight wars over the land and human rights of others; everywhere you look there is a nuclear bomb or a disease that is wiping out whole communities.  We lock people up in the mind, body and soul, not to mention prisons to have control over masses.


What use to be preached was love is now preached is success?  Everybody want to be successful because this is what we are told we are supposed to be now?  Even the President of the United States told our children they are to be successful and competitive, but what good is this all without love?  I thought it was all about love but even love dreams are sold as a ticket to another’s success.  Honestly do the people who claim they care so much really care or are they just using the care line as their ticket to success?


So I ask is it possible for mankind to be wiped off of the planet earth.  Does earth really need mankind?  The theory of evolution teaches us that when a species cease to adapt to earth they are extinguished and not the other way around.  But let Hollywood tell the story, being their customers are mankind they have to pacify the audience, as mankind always is victorious.  So let Hollywood tell it, because they have the loudest voice, which makes them our reality, but is it real?  The bottom line is this world sucks and a person with nothing to lose is capable of anything.


How about Global Warming?



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