How About Trade Reform?

President Obama gets briefedHow About Trade Reform?


The United States trade deficit was over $666 Billion in 2008 alone.  A negative balance of trade is when imports exceed exports and is called a trade deficit. In other words Americans buy more foreign goods than products made in America.  You have to ask how this could be when America is the land of milk and honey.  The answer is plain and simple; it is the result of big corporate greed.   They sold us out! 


They incarcerate the minorities or send them to war and send white trash along with them to foreign lands for the right to outsource labor, called cheap labor.  They destroy the American labor force systemically as the give jobs to foreigners.   This is called the American Dream.  And when they become too powerful (Nations) they send us over there to kill them and destroy their lands so they can start all over at the costs of our livelihood.  Does Iraq ring a bell!  Do Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein light a torch or what?  America made them both and it is not secret, and now we are taking them down.  Why?  Is it because to big corporate America they are like mere drug dealers who made a pact with the devil?


I say it is a conspiracy against Americans; corrupt businessmen influenced the political parties with money in the name of capitalism.  The whole system is screwed up all the way to how a person is elected.  An example is Mayor Bloomberg he is about to buy New York City’s “City Hall.” It takes money to run a campaign and where do you think the money comes from to run an election, from special interest groups with an agenda.  Their purpose is to influence the political system plain and simple.


People may allude to President Obama campaign came from the grass roots, I personally do not buy that, I think that whole line of crap is a ploy, because what is he doing for the little man now?  How much money is he collecting from special interest coalitions now?  I mean who sent him the money, not one person came to me and said I send Senator Obama money.  Not that I matter to everyone; but I should know a few people who contributed.  I do not!


The answer is tariffs on foreign imports, stop outsourcing labor, stop fighting senseless wars, open the prison gates after they are educated and regulate the elections process.  Everyone should have the same war treasure chest in the elections process, with the same amount of media coverage and then and not until then will America be governed by Americans for Americans.  The people in Washington DC are traders who overthrew the American government. 




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