Real Education Reform!

MJJ - Mr. Magic - But no childhoodReal Education Reform!


We tell our children we are in a dire situation and if you quit school you quit on your country.  We tell them they must work hard to be successful.  I am sorry but that message should be meant for the parents and not the children. We live in a society of obese children, whereby fun is being on a computer.  We test our children out of school instead of encouraging them to spend that extra two or three years in high school, like if there is a rush to force them into adulthood and because of the rush job we are a nation of late blossomless incarcerated people.  


We tell them to compete against the world, yet we pit them against each other.  That is the problem I have with these non military experienced political leaders, you do not understand real teamwork.  We should be teaching our children to love first and through love of their neighbor as a team they can excel. 


We live in a society whereby everyone wants to be the chief, even without leadership qualities, because the Indians are not compensated properly, so it is all or nothing in America, whereby executive to employee salaries are too disproportionate.  And we call this success?  Is keeping our brother man down so we can share the pie with the devil truly success?


Let me tell you about something learned in the military, it is called teamwork.  I also learned this in the little league baseball and basketball teams.  Do these fat kids even have gym class anymore?  We say more school and less summer, I remember when the summer meant sports or work both which were good ethnics.


But we have kids now with nothing to do but join gangs during summer vacation and dance on the subways and sell candy and we talk about improvements.  I know of a man who worked hard all his life, had not a childhood and was rich as can be and he died at 50 years old.  His name was Michael Jackson.  You want to reform education?  Implement the Michael Jackson Act that guarantees every American child a childhood and not hard labor in the disguise of education.


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