Is Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things

Janet at amfARIs Janet Jackson Capable of Doing New Things


Janet was on the move for awhile, developing into a new franchise, she has a new book coming out, a new album and new movie coming out all in 2010.  People were starting to take her serious again.  She helped raise funds for amfAR in Milan, Italy.  Then the bombshell dropped like weight on her shoulders


Of all the people in the world she takes a photo with Jermaine Dupri, a well know media whore.  And she releases another sex song “Make Me.” Then everything she was doing was reduced whether or not she is dating him.  And will her album be the same old Janet about sex.  The focus went away from amfAR and her new endeavors, as mentioned above.


That one mistake may take months to fully recover, unless that is her man.  But the reality of the fact is was she/he ever her man?  Being the media whore that he is if there was a sex tape we would have all seen it by now, for his bragging rights.  I mean all they do is posing in photos and then his blog network takes it from there and post the same old crap over and over.  The so called 7 years relationship has been all about public photos and childish articles about them dating.


But like Renee said AKA Warrior Princess, Janet is not known for surrounding herself with wisdom, the 2004 Super Bowl is evidence.  But Jermaine knows Janet’s weakness, she loves to read about herself at any cost and be complimented and told how beautiful she is in and eye to eye conversation and people like Steve Harvey played on it also and it almost got her in trouble, because not everyone is a harmless punk like Jermaine Dupri.  But this mentality is hurting her career.  Janet has to be that late blossom flower she is and truly grow up.




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