Janet and Jermaine Dupri! Who Cares?

Frank Paul GambinoJanet and Jermaine Dupri!  Who Cares?


I have to admit I was really concerned about Janet, but at some point you get tired of dumb stuff.  I would have loved to love Janet and I thought we had two children being Alicia and Renee.  I thought I did something really un-cool to Janet and maybe I still think so, but she denied it so is it.  I thought I owed her everything but my life that belongs to God, but it turns out I actually owe her very little other than an apology. 


Like I said, I thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt to begin with to include the alleged relationship with JD.  But fake or real it is doing me no good.  I am not getting anything out of this but on and off stress.  I get an occasional e-mail and no phone calls or visitation rights and every time I go to see her she is not home, so even if this is all an act is much more than I get out the deal.  Does Jermaine pay for pictures or like they said Janet screws for tracks?


So I have to go to Florida this weekend to see about my uncle and a lot of things in my not too distant future depend on this trip.  I am not going into details, but I have the responsibility to take care of a lot of family business.  My uncle is old and very sick now, so even if Janet was playing games it is not funny anymore.  Sure she just lost her brother, but I have a very sick uncle just lost a close cousin and have a very sick aunt and sister.  So I do not have time for childish games.


Even with all the adversities as I also felt for Michael like most Americans, I put together a CD of trial and error and a screenplay, but more importantly is I now have the capability to do this over and over again and it took years to get to this point.   My music and screenwriting will only get better now that I have the equipment.


Most importantly is I have a very important mission before me.  It is not just talk but I am going start a new religion as a way to address the state of the Blackman in America today and not in the 1960’s.  Where, when and how this will be done depends on people I know I can confide in.  So I am sorry if I did not entertain you this time but it needs be understood that I am not dumb and never was sprung, I was just doing what I had to do.


Ps 37:11 But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy great peace.


Ps 37:12 The wicked plot against the righteous and gnash their teeth at them;

Ps 37:13 but the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming.


Capstone Zulu



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