The Black Women’s Job & the Black Man’s Prison

Soup Kitchen LineThe Black Women’s Job & the Black Man’s Prison


Never in the history of American has so many men of one race been sent away from their children and family.  Approximately 16 million men and women served in the military during World War Two.  Out of that there were about 2.5 million African Americans and women combined that served as there were people of many races.  So even if 12 million were white with a population of about 134 million we are talking about less than 10% of the white population.


Now it is a fact that although the black population is 12 percent of the United States it is 17 percent of the military and black people are 22 percent likely to be incarcerated with about 1,000,000 locked up at this time.  My point without an in-depth analysis is that as more black men in proportion to the population are sent away from children and family now as were white men during World War II. 


The prison is a manufacturing compound, but it does not have the benefit of employment upon release.  So we have many black men who are basically symbolically castrated in American Society.  During World War Two, America was a manufacturing institution, but today we outsource our manufacturing jobs for cheaper labor.  So the role of men in general is that we have no real role in a service oriented economy and this is especially the case of the black man.  Hell looks at the auto industry!


The result is that the black man’s pride became the black woman’s pride and the weakness of the black community influencing troubled children.  The black man is absent without leave and therefore is not being subsidized but is in fact paying dues to a society that owes him repatriations for his ancestor’s labor without compensation called slavery. 


We have to stop outsourcing or manufacturing jobs to prisons and foreign markets.  What Big Corporate America forgot is that even the Service industry and superstores need paying customers and paying customers need jobs.  Put America back to work and buy American.  However this is easier said than done without tariffs on foreign imports.


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