Michael Jackson – Sony we want something new

Michael Jackson This Is ItMichael Jackson – Sony we want something new


You would figure with the tour named “This is It,” the new song would have been specially made for the tour and brand new.  That was not the case of this latest Michael Jackson release, not only was it vintage Michael but it was old.


When people have to be asked did they like a Michael Jackson song more than once, you know it is not up to par.  People were trying to respect the dead as the song was a dud.  I know Michael has some better stuff on the shelf, maybe they are trying to save the best for last.


Let us get real, with the new technology and all the vocals Michael left behind, they can make Michael Jackson say just about anything at any tempo, sure it would take time to process, but that is what engineers and producers are for.  In fact theoretically with Propellerhead products Reason/Reason Duo and ReCycle this is possible, whereby ReCycle can snatch one word at a time out of a song independently of any other instrumentation and Record has a high tech time stretch feature to change the vocals tempos.  Hell they have the masters!


I would really like to see a high tech production of Michael Jackson using modern technological instrumentation, Michael said it or sung it already.  Sony just has to do it!


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