Michael Jackson Sampled in James Brown’s Tradition

Frank Paul Gambino Michael Jackson Sampled in James Brown’s Tradition


What’s next on the Pop, Hip Hop & R&B Charts?  Will Michael Jackson become the next most sampled artist since James Brown?  With ReCycle by Propellerhead, it is in grasp range for the average producer to insolate Michael vocals into their tracks and under current copyright laws it might be legal, to sample a tiny bit like “He-He.”  So prepare yourself and do not be surprised, if this becomes a tradition in the name of memorializing a Pop Icon.


However my prediction is this will be the beginning phase as more technological gifted Producer/engineer insiders with access to masters start to apply new technology like time stretching and effects to Michael’s vocals to the degree of undetectable comparisons of the original tracks creating totally new material only regulated by their imagination and talents.  Stay Tuned!


As for me, it looks like I will be moving to Florida, doing what I have been doing but better.  A seed has been planted where many of my family members reside, I just have to harvest it.  I wanted to start a new religion, but we have more conventional plans for the property, I am to manage.  I received my uncle’s blessings!

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