Janet Jackson about to Release her Best songs according to Charts

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson about to Release her Best songs according to Charts


On November 17th, Janet will release a two CD set with her number one hits, which amount to about 46 songs, as she has sold about 100 million songs world wide.  This and the fact that she is about to release her 10th studio album and her new movie directed by Tyler Perry in 2010 is all but being suffocated by her dysfunctional personal life.  Sort of like I love him and I love him not? 


Janet Jackson & Jermaine Dupri reality internet presentation has become all boring and irrelevant.  Nobody cares anymore to include me, as I am moving down to a small city in Florida, where I am loved and appreciated; I got the women lining up, I just have to choose.  The way I see it Janet is not the brightest woman in the world, she looks alright but tends to get fat and I do not need her money to enjoy life and she showed little interest in me.   So as far as I am concerned she had her chance and blew it, so her and Jermaine Dupri can cut all the all talk and photo sessions and have a real affair that includes sex and have there little beautiful child?


Busy on a Mission


I know I have not been very entertaining as of lately.  There is so much going on and I have to prioritize my list of items.  I am about to move to Florida and it may seem by chance but it is not.


Western Beef & Highlands County in the Heartland

RE: Western Beef Expansion

Date: 3 May 2007

Time to act


Hyperlink Above


I have a lot on my plate right now and am in serious mode and mood.  There is a big picture that has to be fulfilled.  This may well be the beginning of something really big!


I plan to run a non profit organization that is charitable.  I have a small house and I am easy to satisfy, and in it there will have a home recording studio and down the block I have a two story office building to run the Headquarters for my non profit organization.  I am not blogging as much now because I am in the process of making my bed.


Food is food, sex is sex and love making is love making and Mariah “Obsessed,” Janet cannot starve me, there are simply too many fish in the sea, that look better and are smarter, perhaps they cannot sing and dance as well, but who wants a woman who is never home and always in the public eyes?  I can do much better than Janet, obsessed my butt Mariah.  If you see a mushroom cloud you will know why!  You reap what you sow!




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