National Community Network & Coalition of Highlands, INC Headquarters

Network & Coalition HQNational Community Network & Coalition of Highlands, INC Headquarters


I am hoping people like Janet, Alicia and the Michael Jackson Trust support this much needed cause, which will be self sustaining.  And will help children curb from criminal activities.  I will provide the space from the sponsorship. 


Sound Isolation Booth at Guitar Center:


I want to put the recording studio on the second floor; I need a sound isolation booth and a better sound system.  I do not plan to borrow money against any property my uncle leaves us.  I plan to get 501 (c) 3 Status, making my charitable contributions collected tax deductible next year.  I think I need about $5G to start ASAP and about $50G once I am deductible.  I want a professional look and give these kids something to do; I will charge about what it cost to run the operation and keep it up to date as we are non profit.


Value of Building:

Market Value: 126,936
Class Value: 2,175
Just Value: 126,936
Assessed Value: 126,936
Exemption Value: 126,936



We are in the process or officially transferring the property to this non profit organization, however in the interim I think I will place my home studio in the HQ’s once I settle in at Highlands County, Florida.  And purchase the isolation booth on my own to get things on the roll.  But I plan to place this studio at my home and put another studio in the Headquarters’ on the second floor and use the first floor as office space, run all operations including fund raising.  These kids have nothing to do in Avon Park other than school related activities as they often commit crimes out of boredom and go to jail and get criminal records for petty crimes, like selling drugs to make $100 a day twice a week.



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