Bloomberg refers to blacks as lazy & those people

Bloomberg & Thompson at DebateBloomberg refers to blacks as lazy & those people


I was reading about the debate last night and they say Bloomberg won, but I expected that because he owns the media.  But what I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears was totally different.  Mayor Bloomberg seemed nervous as Comptroller Thompson seemed confident and on point.  Thompson was not on the defensive on the contrary Bloomberg was because it is obvious that he had something to hide, which is that he buys endorsements through contributions to supporters and when Thompson brought this to the forefront Bloomberg evaded the subject matter.


Bloomberg  accused Thompson of Qui pro quo because of his political fund raising to run his campaign, because he is a Billionaire and had 10’s if not 100’s of millions to burn to run his campaign.  The Quid pro quo is when Bloomberg buys the black leadership with his billions by throwing those crumbs for their endorsements.


Bloomberg says we need more immigrants because they work harder than poor blacks.  And wants to just give citizenship to anyone who jumps over the fence at the border, with free healthcare and education, whereby Thompson realizing the struggling economy suggest we need real emigration reform, because it is a Federal issue, that was a major difference.


Mayor Bloomberg referred to people like Cory Booker the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey as those people that he supports, but it is not Quid pro quo when he supports a New Jersey Mayoral campaign, but it is when a man helps a pension fund make over $20 Billion and they give campaign support to him because they believe he would make a good Mayor.  As Mayor Bloomberg have more votes than anyone on the board.


The Bloomberg and Thompson combination was great for New York, but the natural transition was interrupted because Bloomberg changed the term limits.  I think Mayor Bloomberg was a great Mayor, but a better businessman and is probably using his position to make billions for him and his friends.  I think Thompson is much smarted than Bloomberg and intelligence is not measured in the dollar value as Mayor Koch may have alluded to, by saying Bloomberg is the best candidate because he is the richest one.  Because while one man is learning and the other man is earning does not make the top earner a better man, does it?

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