The Recording Studio Dream Being Realized

Inside a sound isolation boothThe Recording Studio Dream Being Realized


Haven’t named the studio yet, but it will be representative of the location or the people behind it.  I have so many ideas running through my head as to how to finance the finishing touches of the recording studio.  It should be fun.  Maybe we might make a compilation CD of the neighborhood talent; I have some new musicians and producers lined up to assist me, being I admittedly find myself ole school, which is not a bad thing as ole school is new school in today’s market.


But this project really is not about the next series of hits or about me, as I will not accept a salary as President and CEO, until the organization develops into something extraordinary.  Sure people will get paid for their services if they are earners, but I am not in this one for the money or should I say immediate gratification.


The idea of a non profit organization with a recording studio located at the headquarters, making it a non profit recording studio, does not mean it cannot turn a buck, it only means people will not get rich off of the labor of others unless they actually participate, there will be no stock holders.  All the money goes to neighborhood related causes and the staff and labor, therefore the artist should make a higher percentage of the money made due to their talents and pay less to record, because at the end of the fiscal years all the money has to be spent. 


If it was about money the saying would be true that we are as good as our last hit record, because every year we will start from scratch so to speak but not absolutely, because this thing of ours will build through reinvestments until we have a top quality studio.  They say a true religion starts in a storefront; it looks like we will be much more fortunate than that as we will start in a commercial building, as the Community Network and Coalition brings the community together.


People who I never thought would care are showing interest, I guess a good idea is a good thing.  I think this is a winner!  The DAW makes this all possible in the new millennium.


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