Getting out while Getting out is Still Good

Alicia & Jay-ZGetting out while Getting out is Still Good


The New York Dream is not meant for New Yorkers, sorry Alicia and Jay-Z, you’ll are the exceptions and show pieces.


Maybe I got old too fast, people say I do not look my age but younger and I do not feel old.  But they say wisdom comes with age and I see something happening in New York City that is ill reversible.  There are trends taking place here in the big apple and it is creating two main classes.  Mayor Bloomberg says this is a city for the middle class, but that is not true.  It is setting up to become a city of extremes, being the rich and the poor.


This is not the New York City I was raised in; it is like a foreign planet.  A place whereby going to a sports arena is like a dream for most.  There is no work for the working class, all the manufacturing plants a far gone, and everything is service oriented or setup for cheap labor.  Bloomberg ignores Federal Law.  He tells the illegal incomers to jump the fence and come to New York City where you have everything waiting for you free medical, dental and education, because we want your cheap labor, so the rich can thrive.  It is a sad day.


But as the illegal immigrants come up north, people like I know my welcome is up and it is time to return to the south. I was raised in New York City, but this is not my city anymore.  I see the south as an opportunity and a new beginning, a place full of resources in need of ideas.  So as the cheap labor comes to the north a lot of real New Yorkers are leaving the city while the getting out is still possible.


I noticed most of my old friends left New York City already to the south, as the south has a reputation of racism, I know New York City is not what it claims to be, and the people here are not real New Yorkers anymore. 


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