The New Music Middle Class

Michael Jackson and Janet JacksonThe New Music Middle Class


There is not many more Michael Jackson or Janet Jackson’s created.  The days of the big budget transactions to mega hits are becoming too risky at best.  Sure there are a few big stars out there but are they as big as they seem or were they ever really big.  I mean is fame money or an expense.  Is success being surrounded by body guards at $250G a hit, being chauffeured in limousines and spending $500,000 on video to be seen at your cost, as music videos are still considered promos?


Radio shows are being simulcast; it’s like really few local DJ’s anymore, so where is all the money going?  It seems like a hand full of people are getting paid large at high tax brackets or not being paid at any tax bracket.  But a strange thing is taking place in the music industry, evolving is a new middle class artist.  Very few people are selling a million CD’s anymore,  people are taking lessons from people like Tyler Perry and going back to building fan basis the old fashion way city to city and town to town.  People are recording on privately owned studios and self promoting their material.


To make a long story short, people are realizing that it is not worth having a multi-million dollar contract to clear $100G per year or even be in the red, when they can freelance and make $500G and have a life.  As we know so well there is a disparity between what a star makes and what they pocket after video recoup, producers costs, studio costs, taxes, security and all the stuff that comes with the package called a star.




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  1. inspire the future…

    Walking the streets of Manhattan….

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