Do you fear God or Man?

The SunDo you fear God or Man?


Is this a dumb question?   Maybe 20 years ago without a second of consideration the answer would have been yes that is a dumb question, however this is not 20 years ago.  I asked a teen this question and asked for an honest answer and I was told, I have to abide by the law, but I do not know if there is a God.  I said so you fear Bloomberg more than you fear God and the answer was yes.

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This is what New York City is creating non God fearing children, who know who to blame for there hardships.  There was a time when everyone’s faith was basically in God and that God would see them through hard times, but now these children no longer want to wait on the Lord of Never and Never-Land.


In the old days we were blind by the vile of secrecy, but now wars are fought on television and the state of the world is heard everyday on the radio.  The right to speech has gone beyond acceptability and with these economic hard times the liberal left is forcing tolerance in every area but Godliness.


So we ask why do not our children fear God or even believe in the existence of God.  And the fool in-charge may think this is ill-relevant.  But is this really of no real significance?  See there was a time when Satan was a secret, but now the Illuminati are actually posted on the Internet, so now even evil has a face.  We use to blame the hands for everything that went wrong in the world.  We would say Oh it is the Mafia causing all these dreadful mishaps.  Now John Gotti does not even make it on the front page of the New York Post, because people can see beyond the crap.


I was told as a child a man destroys that which he fears.  Do you fear God or Man?  Now you see where I am going with this letter.  See people feared Hitler; people feared the Mafia and by God people fear God.  But now people do not believe these exist any longer.   People went to sleep on the Bavarian movement or the Roman Empire and the Underworld has become a thing of foreigners with no real interest in America’s good health.  All we see is the politicians who are making false promises they have no power to fulfill, who are now feared more than God by our youth.  By the process of deduction who is the next to fall?  When there is no Underworld, Reich (Holy Roman Empire) or God?  The Music Industry is a symptom of a much larger fish, to be fried. 

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