Can Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?

Janet Jackson Number OnesCan Janet ignite from the shadows of Michael’s eclipse?


Is this an oxymoron or what?   Did Michael disappear or reappear.  What was supposed to be Janet’s turn, has become an ongoing saga of the King of Pop even after death?  It is unbelievable, Michael’s movie grossed over $100 Million worldwide with little promo and he still has over 200 unreleased songs and modern technology to assist the engineers.


However meanwhile, Janet Number Ones will be released on November 17th which includes 33 songs.  She had an unbelievable career so far, but she will always be Michael’s little sister, which is something to be proud about.


Also she has been doing the benevolent circuit helping raise money for the poor in need of clean water and the sick with AIDS. This has been done unnoticed by main stream media, but is wonderful acts of charity.


Most of the hype has been focused on her work in the studio, with her new to be released on the Number Ones CD “Make Me,” it’s hot.  She has been working with different producers, the latest being Rodney Jerkins.  There will be a music video to be added to the release of “Make Me,” said to be directed by Robert Hales who worked with Justin Timberlake to name a few, not to be as a reminder of the Super Bowl SNAFU.


But it looks like Janet is bouncing back nicely, with her new studio CD on its way and the creation phase and also a book to be released in 2010.  Janet is shining it is just hard to see it right now, because Michael is like ball of fire out in the stratosphere and Janet and nobody’s successes can be measured against this “Energy Blast.”  Janet is volatile and Michael an anomaly and both Jackson’s.   And there is no competition. 

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