Everyone wants to a Gangster but do no time

nuclear-mushroom-cloudEveryone wants to a Gangster but do no time


I remember being told no real gangster has both of his front teeth.  Here is another one “No real gangster never did time.”  This is sayings, because everything is in degrees.  But most gangsters do not have there real fronts and do go to prison at some point in their careers.  Me I an not  gangster however I did time and had my fronts surgically removes and replaced, I have two crowns one gold and I am actually known by my father’s friends as Paul Castellano.  So who am I?  Better yet what am I?  Am I a Gangster Monk?


I am just a dude that was born into a bunch of crap; whose intelligence was rob in better terms played and now I am going home to my people, family and cousins.


Let tell you a story, I am good at telling stories.  This one is called “Bullet Proof.”


Bullet Proof


One guy was loaded the other empty.  The loaded one was mortal and the empty one was Bullet Proof.  So Mortal had it made as long as he was under the cover of Bullet Proof.  Mortal was a big spender he splurged and mistreated Bullet Proof, he figured he had it all because Bullet Proof was ago lucky dude and never complained.  One time they tried to shoot Mortal and Bullet Proof jumped in front of him, caught the bullet in his hand and asked one simple question, “Now do I get paid?”  Mortal laughed and said this guy is he amazing.


Bullet Proof was a man of patience, but death came to his family in a close manner and he realized he was out of time.  See Bullet Proof realized though he was no mortal being his family was and what good would be this delayed fortune if all his family died off prior to his judgment.  So Bullet Proof said to Mortal, I think you are out of time and he walked away.


To the big city he said, what good are you?  What do you have to offer me?  I cannot go to a baseball game or borrow your hotels.  I can only look at the condominiums and watch the fancy cars drive by; I cannot even afford a cab in this city.  If I must live a simple life I may as well live in a simple town.  So Bullet Proof packed his bags and left to a small and simple town and did not even look back.  Bullet Proof was Mortal’s nuclear umbrella and he knew it, but Bullet Proof had no idea.  And then hit was a mushroom cloud.


Only a story, I mean nobody is bullet-proof!




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