Are Janet Jackson & J.D. Doomed to Repeat?

Janet Jackson Number OnesAre Janet Jackson & J.D. Doomed to Repeat?


Personally I am going to Florida and not California.  But I wish the best for Janet, but what is best for her career and what is best for her may be separate and distinct.  Maybe she will raise Michael’s children and Jermaine is really a good man and not the drunken nightlife person he appears to be; in which case Janet may have a good man whom they resolved their differences.  And her family will be made happy?


On the other hand as for entertainment, nobody will take her seriously as a heterosexual woman and powerhouse entertainer in the arms of that dude.  But Michael is making plenty of money so Janet might just be setting herself up for failure to settle down with Jermaine. 


But if she is trying to sell CD’s she has to get real about who she claims to be sexing.  I know; what does her love life have to do with her record sales?  Her whole persuasion is her talent, song, dance and beauty. How does fine girl Janet end up with a Jermaine Dupri unless she really is not sexing and needs protection from real men, broke or plain stupid. All of which is not going to sell CD’s.


Because as for his personality he has none, but Jermaine might have money, however, other than that he is a drunk, who stays in the streets all night and hangs out with little boys.  So the only thing Janet can possibly see in him is money and if she is worth $150 Million who gets it? 


The CD’s he produced was not the problem it was the relationship.  Janet told the world she loved ugly for tracks?   Prostitutes do it for money and not pleasure does Janet love music or fame and attention?



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