Is Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?

Janet Jackson Number OnesIs Janet Jackson, fake, tired & boring?


She had me going for a moment; I thought she was going to do something different and new, than came “Make Me,” it is hot but nothing new.  Reminds me of a Tina Turner type return sort of except Tina has an adult fan base and sings about real issues, Janet is still running after little kids.  I hate to say it but I am too mature for the kiddy crap.  The little kid in an adult body refuses to grow up and the people who made her what she is are grown up already, can we address single parenting, black on black crime and the screwed up world in need of love?  Sorry Janet but you are no PYT these days maybe Rihanna or Beyonce can still pass as a PTY, but you are older and an over the hill or motherhood?  I mean what do you see in the morning before makeup?  Get real!  Blow my mind with something other than sex!  And how can I not mention Alicia a true PYT?


Are you fake and tired and boring and Jermaine’s charity case; but on the real side, I understand you are spoiled and fell in-love with the glamour and now you are a prostitute for tracks?  Did not mean that but it needed to be said!  Being real I understand you do not want people to know that you are a sucker for love loser, except you fell from grace because you forgot how you got there and betrayed a trust.  The people who made you, you turned your back on, but thank the Lord for Michael’s success after death, sad as it is I am sure you will get your allowance. 


My niece said you are ugly, I said no she is just a little over the hill, then again you are no Tina Turner she is pretty for her age, and you are just aged!  Too old and fat to dance anymore, almost fell at the Grammy’s and there is nothing special about your voice so welcome to the club called has-been’s. 


So why did I love you, because you were fine, I do not think so, the only thing you have on common with Halle Barry is you are both cookies, if you know what I mean?  Because you were rich, but the trust you betrayed and everything you got you were given.  Your youth is long gone.  So why did I love you Janet?  Oh that is a secret!  And now I care less!  Like Michael said, “This is it.”  It is too late and what we do not know we will never know.




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  1. Well i am writing this message to the stupid jerk about janet jackson, maybe you tired, fake, and boring. Before you start talking about somebody, you need to get your story straight about who you talking about, Janet Jackson got way more fans then your ass will ever has. She is still on top, she is still recognize as the icon. Maybe you saying things like that because your hating. Don’t hate the game,play the game. Janet Jackson is not an ugly women, she is beautiful,strong woman who know what she wants. Maybe you need to keep your comments to yourself, if you don’t want nobody to comment. Because whether you like it or not, she do have fans that is crazy about her, and when they see this message they probably cuss you out or tell you off, you probably mad because you can’t get woman like her. Yes, she maybe be 43 years old, but she is not 50 yet, she still got 7 more years. And as far as she raising Michael’s children, Her mother has them and is doing fine, her sister “Rebbie” is helping out with the kids. That way Janet Jackson can concentrate on her music career and acting. As far as her sexual lifestyle, that is none of your business, she’s grown, she can do what she want. And I do not think she need to grow up,maybe you do. She is probably more mature than anybody she has dated. Like, i said again, keep your comments to yourself about Janet Jackson, because you may never know she may get on here and read some of these messages and if she reads your, she’ll probably give you a piece of her mind.

  2. To: Janet
    From: Paul
    RE: I will never know you
    Date: 12 November

    …Now I am just convincing myself that I do not love you and hate New York City to move on. So I assume go negative and if I write it enough I will believe it.

    PS: She knows Windy; it is a long story and a twisted history. And I care less about what her fans think about me. So expect more and get over it! That is what I am doing?

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