Voluntary Military & Mental Health America

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Things go on in the military during wartime and peacetime that are unspoken of.  The fact of the matter is there is never peacetime, because somewhere in the world or our country there is a war, be it against drugs, economic against the poor, but on the forefront now it is the Middle Eastern Wars.


We are in what is considered wartime, because of these engagements.  And there are a lot of people who are being injured both physical and mental. But there is a strange element in these wars unlike any other war in history.  We have an all voluntary military, which I believe has been the case since about 1977.


People join the military as a means of employment as they are hoodwinked by slick recruiters.  Often the military is a means to escape oppression, but it is a temporary fix for most people.  Very few can make a career of the military successfully.  While they are in the military fighting wars and losing their minds, the other people is either going to jail, working, and going to school or vegetating?  Those who vegetate usually end up in prison.  Is it a conspiracy?  I believe this is by design!  The military attracts the people they are supposed to attract, the poor country folks, people out of the Urban Jungle and Trailer House Folks.  So we have more black people by proportion of population in the military and prison, headed by design to a life of dysfunctional episodes. 


Is it fair, of course not?  When a rich person joins the military to go to the frontline it makes it to the headlines of the mainstream media.  This country has the poor fighting their wars because they cannot make it otherwise.  And when they comeback they are disarmed and left to fend for themselves, with juveniles armed with machine guns pumping crack to these depressed men and women.  .  They are promised benefits they are incapable of using because they are mentally still overseas and/or spaced out.  The government knows this and has a place for them called prison or the soup kitchen and the lucky ones get an apartment, medications and enough to pacify them, so the government can say look we take care of our own.  But only after they take the twelve steps?   But do they really take care about the many that become mentally ill due to military service in an all voluntary military?  Or better yet is the system designed to do this?


Oh; but meanwhile as they blow up countries we developed that became to independent of America, they say we need immigrants who do not serve in the military, who are here illegally but do not house the prisons.  What is going on is plain and simply evil, it is wrong.  What will America look like 10 years from now?


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