Janet Jackson fans or a conversation piece

Janet JacksonJanet Jackson fans or a conversation piece


One of Janet’s so-called fans called herself telling me off.  She said Janet has this huge fans base.  I thought a fan was a supporter and Janet is in the entertainment business as she said to be more specific the music and film business.


She says I do not have the right to think that Janet is fake a dumb, to not think the best of Janet is to be a hater.  I grow up on the Jackson Five and probably have more of Janet’s records than the woman who is telling me about how I should feel and speak.  To my recollection I have almost all of Janet CD’s and I have the right to say it is time for something new, her pattern is old and boring, it is the same old thing over and over. 


It is all about how good her sex life is and how she can turn a trick.  Meanwhile the world is coming to an end as she does charity for good causes; there is no mention of the woes of the world in her music since Rhythm Nation, which was her best album ever.  So give me a break, I have the right to my opinion and Janet is either dumb or listens to dumb people.  And unless she changes direction I will never buy another CD, movie ticket or concert ticket in my life that includes her.  And from the look of record sales, I am one of the last truly loyal fans, so I might be giving her some sound advice. 


As for her interview, I wouldn’t waste my time watching that phony crap, all she does is lie.  Like I said, Janet Jackson is phony, if she has fans it does not show up in record sales anymore, she has become a conversation piece, someone to talk about but no support at the record stores or music downloads.  And if you do not like my position either kiss where the sun don’t shine or buy her damn boring albums.  I boycott the fake and phony Icon. 


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  1. I still love her brother (jacko)

  2. First, and foremost, if you not a hater, then why you say things like that, regardless of her style or how she talk or whatever the issue may be, I bet when all her truly loyal fans read this, they gonna think you hating on her, one thing, you not a singer, and you do not do what she do anyway, you can’t tell a person how should she change her style of singing,performing, or how should she talk, or if she be lying about some things, maybe she is telling the truth, that’s to keep you noisy folks out her business. Now, if I was her, and you said these things about me, I would find out who you is, and confront you and tell you off, because you don’t know nothing about Janet Jackson and what she is doing, The album that she is making now, is gonna be different, if you a fan of hers, you’ll like her whether her style is old or new that’s what true fans are,I got all her album and then some, probably more than you got. You know I don’t think Janet Jackson worry about stuff like this, because you know what, she is making her music the way she wants too, and performing, and talking. You is a hater punk

  3. Personally, I am about to bury my uncle and I am tired and sometimes I say what I feel and not necessarily what is politically correct. I am tired so whatever you say we will go with it.


    PS: Whatever!

  4. i love you

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