The John A. Gotti Setup

John A. GottiThe John A. Gotti Setup


When something seems unreal it probably is.  I have a funny feeling and I hope I am wrong.  But strange things happened in my life in the last few weeks and months and it made me feel a little worried. 


Since this trial I have felt watched, from the real life New York Undercover on the subway, to strange new people being introduced into my life, to unexplained occurrences that I feel it is not my liberty to disclose.  Personally I hope I am wrong about what came to my mind on the way from the grocery store.


I do not know who is who anymore; I will be going back to the hometown of my family soon.  Far away from New York City, the John A. Gotti dramas and the Janet D.J. Jackson dramas; I hope I am wrong because this here is a screenplay and a television episode.  It is so unreal I cannot take John’s trial seriously anymore; I do not even think they are after him, but perhaps I am the target, by default.


Like I said I saw John A. Gotti once in my life at 26 Federal Plaza, during his father’s era. I went there to see Bruce Moaw the lead investigator of his father’s trial, who asked me to testify.  I did not go there to be a witness, but to disclose a covert operation to coordinate what the Secret Service knew with the FBI, which was about the AIDS virus a government conspiracy.  But what I think is going on is shameful, designed to pit John A. Gotti against me.  But like I said his conviction means my price doubles.  Those who have ears let them hear what I see happening. 


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