Is there a real exit plan in the Middle East?

Is there a real exit plan in the Middle East?


They hoodwinked the American People and told us there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and it turned out to not be true.  President George W. Bush preached the American People about the axis of evil and need to bring down Saddam Hussein.  This is what America does, we create power players and when they become too independent we take them down.  So who is next Mexico?  And at what cost the American youth?


So what is the real purpose of our presence over there , is it about oil and the world reserves or simple to destroy the weapons in our arsenal that have become obsolete?  I mean if we destroy our weapons that will not win the war because we are face with an enemy that can not be conquered by conventional means.  But the weapons will destroy the infrastructure and keep the nation in the third world.  I mean do we really intend to bring a democracy into these Middle Eastern countries?  Do we plan to create a demand for resources not over there in exchange for their oil that are necessary for the rebuilding of the area one we finish bombing stuff?


Finally what is President Barack Obama trying to prove, with this buildup in Afghanistan?  It is like Vietnam all over again as we try to accomplish what others could not do.  Short of some high tech bomb and penetration device, I think those people like in the mountain of Bavaria had too long to dig in and we have no idea where these tunnels from those caves lead to.  For all we know these are underground cities.  Is this all in the name of world domination or the fall of America?  Whatever it is it will come to the light! 

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